Effect of Off-season Planting Dates and Varieties on Seed Quality Parameters of Soybean (Glycine max L.) Upon Accelerated Ageing

Navya, Kagita and Parimala, K. and Reddy, M. Rajendar and Padmasri, A. (2024) Effect of Off-season Planting Dates and Varieties on Seed Quality Parameters of Soybean (Glycine max L.) Upon Accelerated Ageing. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 14 (3). pp. 728-742. ISSN 2581-8627

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Three soybean varieties AISb-50, Basara and JS-335 were used in the current study in Adilabad. They were seeded on December 15 and January 15, respectively during the Rabi (2021–2022) season. During the off-season, the varieties were sowed on three replications. To make sure that the requirements for the seed quality of off-season soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) at initial, 3 days of ageing and 5 days of accelerated ageing are explained, as well as the results of different varieties and sowing dates. The plants' collected seeds are sent for an examination of their quality. During the experiment, the following features were examined: speed of germination, field emergence (%), electrical conductivity (µScm-1 g-1), and the following: germination (%), seedling length (cm), seedling vigor index I, seedling dry weight (mg), and seedling vigor index II. The study's conclusions demonstrated how cultivars and planting dates had a substantial impact on the parameters. The 15th January seeded crop (85.78%) had the best germination percentage among the initial, 3 days of aging, and 5 days of accelerated ageing. The AISb-50 variety (88.67%) had the greatest germination percentage among interactions, and the AISb-50 of 15th December (89.00%) had the highest germination percentage. The seedling vigour index I was highest in 15th December sown crop (2605), AISb-50 (2447) variety and in JS-335 of 15th December (2803). The highest seedling dry weight (mg) was recorded in 15th December sown crop (838.40mg), Basara (792.7mg) and in AISb-50 of 15th December (853.1mg). Vigor index II was recorded maximum in Basara (65291),15th December sown crop (71541) and in AISb-50 (74571) of 15th December. While field emergence % was highest in 15th December (81.22%), JS-335(83.17%) and in JS-335, AISb-50 of 15th December sown crop (84.33%). The seed quality parameters was recorded at the initial stage were higher for the above parameters except for electrical conductivity, whereas the highest electrical conductivity was recorded after 5 days of ageing in the 15th January crop (65.75 µScm-1 g-1), Basara (82.50 µScm-1 g-1) and in Basara of 15th January (85.00 µScm-1 g-1). It was noticed that seed quality parameters were significantly affected by sowing date, varieties and accelerated ageing, the freshly harvested seed had good seed quality compared to the aged seed.

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